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Servicing :
Inbound IVR for insurance payment
Advantages :
  • Dramatically lower cost and low set up time in weeks.
  • Broadcasts in local language.
  • Easy to use.
  • Real time tracking.
Welcome to Inbound IVR for paying premiums demo.
Problem Solution Impact
An insurance agency realized that a huge effort and time of the sales people goes in collecting premiums door to door. It launched a pilot program for collecting premiums over the phone in Sambalpur. The Insurance agency published our inbound numbers on the website to make payments through phone using debit / credit cards. A large number of people called our inbound numbers and made payments by entering the policy number and other details by mere key presses. Money was directly credited to insurance company through payment gateway. The telephony based payment collection system allowed more timely collection of payments and also won the insurance company an image of tech savvy, efficient organization.
Outbound IVR for delayed monthly payment reminders
Advantages :
  • No setup fee.
  • Low overhead with no integration required – uploads list of customers in excel and downloads real time logs.
  • Dramatically lower cost and low set up time in weeks.
  • Live connects to call center.
  • Welcome to Insurance Payment demo.
    Policy No
    Date Of Expire
    Mobile No
    Problem Solution Impact
    A large insurance agency was facing problem in collecting premiums on time. The collection agency would waste time collecting money door to door. The insurance company integrated our platform with its accounting system to send SMS two days before the payment due date and an outbound call if the payment was delayed. Payment could be made by pressing 1. The automated follow up reminders led to better collection rates and reduced live follow up calls by customer care representatives. The automated reminder system also projected a tech savvy and professional image of the insurance agency.
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