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Servicing :
Outbound IVR for travel delay notifications
Advantages :

Low overhead with no integration required – uploads list of numbers in excel and downloads real time logs. Changes IVR with the click of a mouse. Dramatically lower cost and low set up time in weeks. Broadcasts in local language

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Problem Solution Impact
Paramount Airways used SMS for notifying the delays in the departure of delayed flights. However, the airline was confronted by the angry clients who complaint of not receiving the SMS at all. Through our Outbound Call Service, Paramount Airways informed the travelers about the delay before hand. And i also had the real-time log of the calls made and received. A very larger percentage of customers picked up the call and got notified of the delay than when SMS service was used where customers confronted with the complains of not receiving the notification.
Virtual receptionist
Advantages :
  • Dramatically lower cost and low set up time in weeks.
  • Broadcasts in local language.
  • Easy to use.
  • Real time tracking.
  • Welcome to Efficient Receptionist demo.
    Problem Solution Impact
    A travel agent used to miss many warm leads because of his limited ability to handle calls, especially during peak holiday seasons. Also, a cell phone number can take only 2 calls at a time, which exposed him as a small travel agent. Through our virtual receptionist, recorded IVR played and prompted response no. from the enquirer when the enquirer entered the desired number such as 1 and transferred the call to a particular department, e.g. customer care. The travel agent noticed dramatic increase in conversion of warm leads to customers. Most of the queries could be handled through the automated IVR which projected an image of a professional travel agency.
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